Looking for help staffing a hard-to-fill role? Need us to act as your in-house recruiting team? Have a special project that needs to be staffed ASAP? No problem!

Syndicus NACON offers a turnkey recruiting solution, our Cybersecurity Recruitment Center of Excellence (CRCE), pronounced sir-see.  CRCE makes use of automated AI search engines, job board’s AI tools, along with its Applicant Tracking System (ATS) coupled with its search engine and a Chatbot, messaging, and scheduling plugin.  These functions are supported by Syndicus NACON’s network of professional recruiters will prescreen candidates before sending them to our clients for processing. Activities that had taken many hours in the past with human efforts now take minutes to accomplish within CRCE and its cybersecure work environment.

Direct Hire Placements

Clients rely on Syndicus NACON as a solid HR partner. We can assist your team with recruiting overflow and/or niche positions. While we are busy with the time-intensive process of identifying qualified candidates, performing reference checks, and doing in-depth interviews, you can focus on daily business.


Many organizations like the “try before you buy” method of hiring – contract to hire is the perfect solution.

During this trial period, you can make sure each potential employee brings the skills to do the job successfully, has the right personality fit for your company, and possesses your same corporate values – all while reducing payroll costs during this evaluation period.

Contract (Temporary) Staffing

Often referred to as “contractors” or “temps,” these professionals are ideal for project-based assignments.

Syndicus NACON understands the urgency of placing qualified candidates in temporary and contract positions as quickly as possible. This short turnaround time does not, however, mean we will cut corners to “find” temporary staff.

RPO Services

Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Simply put, you focus on your business needs and leave the recruiting to us. There are many aspects of the RPO model and you can pick and choose which work for your business. Do you need the full lifecycle recruiting model where we handle all sourcing, screening, interviewing, testing, onboarding, and compliance or do you just a need a few of those options? This model allows you to focus on what you do best, your core business, while we do the same!