Illuminating the gaps between technology and the healthcare industry

Understanding the need to support pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and healthcare practices in their overall business practices, Syndicus NACON established its Healthcare Center of Excellence. Using the CoE model, Syndicus NACON works with healthcare, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies to establish and maintain good manufacturing practices (GMP) and good (GMP) to understand and achieve long-term FDA compliance as well as run their practices in an efficient and cyber secure manner. We do this via threw client-focused solutions:

  • Compliance and innovation
  • Technology
  • Implementation

Other roles that Syndicus NACON can fulfill include:

  • Third-Pary FDA oversight
  • Computer Systems Validation
  • Cybersecurity Assessments
  • Process development and process improvement
  • Cost-effective technology that can reduce infrastructure cost
  • Collaborative work with the manufacturing sector to:
    • Help eliminate technological defects
    • Minimize waste streams
    • Reduce variations around product-defined specifications