Currently, top professionals know their value and how in-demand they are in the marketplace.  Unemployment rates are historically low and competition for top notch talent is fierce!  As an employer, you should have strategies in place to attract and retain highly qualified employees.

Here are some strategies you can use to stand out in the crowd as an employer:

    • Put People First
      • Employees are your greatest asset. Truly value and care for your employees and it will show!  Encourage a company culture based on respect and kindness.  Strive to understand your employees’ goals and help them grow.
    • Be Flexible and Value Work/Life Balance
      • Many companies are moving away from the traditional 9am-5pm office environment. Offering flexibility in work hours, telecommuting days, dress code, gym benefits, health initiatives, and being mindful of employee burnout gives a sense of empowerment to employees, trusting that they can successfully perform their job in a way that works best for them.  Individuals who have a healthy work/life balance tend to be more productive employees.
    • Invest in Education & Growth Opportunities
      • Understand your employees’ personal and professional goals and help them meet these goals. Whether it is helping pay for college courses, certifications, seminars, conferences, or having a company mentorship program— employees want to grow. If they can achieve their goals while working at your organization it will increase retention and loyalty.
    • Ask Current Employees for Referrals
      • If your current employees are happy and thriving, they will want to refer like-minded people within their network. Offering a referral incentive program can also give you access to candidates that you may not reach through traditional means.  There’s nothing like a current employee testimonial to a potential candidate to give your company credibility as a great place to work!
    • Leverage Social Media
      • Candidates scour social media sites to learn about potential employers. Your social media sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Glassdoor, etc.) should not only be about your products and services— but also what you are like as a place to work.  Use social media as a forum to recognize employees who stand out, showcase company events, community outreach programs, and other topics that demonstrate your culture as an employer.
    • Offer a Solid Benefits Package & Office Perks
      • Benefits packages go a long way in attracting employees and can set you apart from competitors. Basic benefits should include a medical insurance plan, paid time off, and a 401k.   Other benefits or perks you can offer — even small things — are attractive to potential employees and show you value your workforce.  Some ideas are:  gym stipends, flex time, extended maternal/paternal leave, travel benefits, professional development, higher education, mentorships, company events, catered lunches on occasion, office snacks, etc.
    • Be Authentic
      • When you are interviewing and talking with candidates it is important they understand what the reality is like working for your organization. Don’t try to underplay long hours if they are required or the downplay challenges of the role.  Be clear with your expectations and what the day-to-day is like in the role.  Even if a candidate has all the skills you need for the role, it’s important to make sure they are a match based on company culture, management style, and core values.
    • Tell Your Unique Story
      • Your company has a story — tell it! If candidates understand the “whys” of your business and how you got to where you are today, and where you are heading in the future, it paints a picture that they can emotionally connect with and want to be a part of long term.

Attracting top talent in your industry is an integral part of continuing your company’s growth and success!  Using these strategies and thinking outside the box to create new strategies within your organization will allow you to attract and retain top professionals in your field.