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Life Sciences Solutions

Life Sciences

Syndicus’ Life Sciences Solutions group works with clients to illuminate the space between technology developers and the healthcare industry.

Current technology developers have a limited understanding of the compliance challenges faced by the healthcare industry, which is locked into the same level of technology used 20 to 50 years ago.


Syndicus’ Life Scientists create advantages for clients with unique skill sets that are combined to create a Center of Excellence for Life Sciences Solutions.


Syndicus Life Sciences Solutions has four offerings:


  • Compliance services and quality teams
  • Consent Decree services
  • Implementation services
  • Remediation services


The challenges within the healthcare and life sciences industries are increasingly driven by: economics, demographics, technology and security. These factors cause healthcare and pharmaceutical companies to face additional scrutiny for quality and compliance, and companies need strategic partners to:

  • Identify technology shortcomings
  • Facilitate collective understanding between technology developers and technology users in healthcare industry regarding compliance challenges affecting both – and how this impacts the manufacturing process
  • Make collective resolution


Syndicus Approach

Using our Center of Excellence model, Syndicus works with healthcare and pharmaceutical companies to establish and maintain good manufacturing practices (GMP) and good pharmaceutical practices (GXP) to understand and achieve long-term FDA compliance. How do we do this?

  • Center of Excellence – three client-focused solutions
    • Compliance (includes innovation)
    • Technology
    • Implementation
  • Third-party FDA oversight
  • Computer Systems Validation
  • Process development and process improvement
  • Cost-effective technology that can help reduce infrastructure costs
  • Collaborative work with manufacturing sector to:
    • Help eliminate technological defects
    • Minimize waste streams
    • Reduce variations around product-defined specifications


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