(This is the last installment of this two-part series.)


Syndicus government contracting, government contracting factsThroughout this year, Syndicus Chief Financial Officer Richard Kennedy has been working diligently to complete registrations (such as with FedBizOpps, General Services Administration and others), and set up meetings with potential prime and third-party teaming partners, as well as small business liaisons associated with targeted agencies.


In addition, he and his team have been preparing capabilities statements that showcase core competencies, past performance, a high-level overview of the company and most importantly, the value that Syndicus would bring to third-party contracts and other companies who have established relationships with other contractors.


“Regardless of whether you are a government agency or another contractor, you need to find people to do the work,” Kennedy said. “We pride ourselves on discovering those hard-to-find skillsets, which our recruiters do through their networks. We also have senior subject matter experts on staff who both work with clients to address industry-specific needs and help to qualify candidates. These are the types of qualities and expertise that agencies and potential partners are seeking.”


Next Steps

Kennedy says the ultimate measure is securing a contract, which may happen more easily by partnering with an established third-party. However, the priority is building Syndicus’ reputation via additional meetings with contracting officers and potential teaming partners. Additionally, Syndicus will become an approved vendor via the General Services Administration, which means that Kennedy will receive immediate notification of opportunities that align with the company’s focus areas.


Once Syndicus does become a government prime contractor, the team will craft proposals for targeted work (especially those set aside for veteran-owned small businesses, which Syndicus is), and make sure all company business practices align with federal accounting regulations.


“This is so much more than just filling out forms and submitting this or that piece of information,” Kennedy said. “It takes a lot of concentrated effort to make sure we are in the best possible position. But the end result is that it opens up so many doors for our company, and the growth potential is unlimited.”

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