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Health IT

Health IT

Our aim is to help you adopt or develop health IT solutions in a way that maximizes your investments to capture, store or exchange health data both securely and effectively.


We understand the national efforts that are underway to digitize health information and exchange information electronically with the triple aim of improving health outcomes, increasing the quality of care, and decreasing the cost of health care delivery.  We know firsthand that these aims cannot be reached without effective health IT solutions, drug/device optimization, and the protection of consumer information.


Syndicus is a team-based organization, of which its Health IT Division works closely with its Life Sciences and Cyber security counterparts to deliver value-based strategies and solutions that address real-world, complex healthcare issues. Whether you are an accountable care organization (ACO), health research network, health information exchange (HIE), small provider group, or health IT developer; our integrated approach will help your organization maximize its health IT efforts to improve local, regional, and national health outcomes. Some of our services include:


  • Strategic Health IT consulting 
  • Health IT product/enabled  product development
  • Health IT-enabled healthcare quality improvement
  • Information/interpretation of federal, state and local Health IT policies
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) adoption 
  • Program management and coordination services for Health IT initiatives
  • Management Services Organization (MSO) services
  • Annual Wellness and Care Surveillance (AWACS)
  • Health IT staffing
  • ICD-9 to ICD-10 conversions


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